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3monks was started in 2015 in a garage with nothing but ideas. Today we sit inside an IT hub with more creative heads yet our brainstorming methods never change! We follow a pattern that breaks out the traditional client-agency relationships to work on something unique, raw, and different. Ours is a lean team, we handpick our projects and better choose to dive in with a full swing for undivided mindshare. One of the motives behind hand picking our projects is to provide customized services in a full-pledged and extremely creative way. In less than 2 years, we have worked with ideas for just-named products,early-stage, profound organizations, etc... We hold no bars to our choices.


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Our Vision

Our Vision is to keep the Creative Aspects Flowing Like Fountain! “We tend to like what we want or what we get attracted to!” Customization is a creative strategy and we play art with it. As a team, we believe that creativity is what makes people feel refreshed and good and this feeling is what they seek for in everything they come across. Our idea has always been and is to create new ideas that are trendsetting and trend breaking at the same time . We make sure to pull in all the worthy attention the Brand deserves through our strategies and plans. We don’t take a break unless it’s happy hours! We have a fixed goal, and that is to keep up to the changing needs of Digital trends. Hitting rock-bottom when it comes to creative play is as important and crucial as our Mugs.


Our Mission

Emerging as a nationally recognized advertising agency in all facets of advertising & branding solutions focusing in digital media domains. To provide innovative and effective brand marketing solutions which help our clients grow their businesses .